Dojo Kun


Never give up trying, no matter how difficult the task.  Whether it be a technique, kata or what ever it is, persevere.


Always give 100% to what ever it is you are doing.  All of your Mind, Body and Spirit.


Always behave appropriately, showing good manners and respect for others regardless of their behaviour towards you.


Always strive to be of good character, to behave honourably.  Do not lie, cheat or steal.


Be sincere in everything you say and do.  Believe in everything that you say and do.  If there is no sincerity in your words or
actions then they are not worth saying or doing.


Do not allow your emotions to govern your actions.  Negative emotions such as anger, hate or fear lead to hasty actions, which
you may regret later.  Do not cut yourself off from your emotions, but do not let them guide your actions.

The Karate Rule of Conduct

A Karate student, when faced with a violent attacker will always: –

  • Check rather than hurt.
  • Hurt rather than injure.
  • Injure rather than maim.
  • Maim rather than kill.